1/2 Pound of Bulk Candy


All of your favorite candy, sold in bulk. Order 1/2 lb. at a time. All of our available candies are listed in the description below.



Jelly bellies: cinnamon, lemon drop, tutti-frutti, mango, ice cream parlor, sour cherry, Ginger ale, mixed berry smoothie, toasted marshmallow, Krispy Kreme, peach, chili mango, buttered popcorn, green apple, top banana, assorted sours, pear, watermelon, crushed pineapple, wild blackberry, coconut, very cherry, kiwi, Sunkist orange, raspberry

Sour gummies: neon worms, twin cherries, blue raspberry bottles, bubblegum bottles, cola bottles, cherry cola bottles, octopus, Jack’s lemonade, gummy bears, pins colada, stars and moons, mini sharks

Gummies: bears, mango bears, bears with energy,  dizzy bears crispy crunch bears,  giant starfish,  marbled fish, Swedish fish,  worms,  giant bullfrogs, sharks,  filled whales,  assorted mini fruit slices,  peach fruit slices, large assorted fruit slices, lemon-lime fruit slices,  pink grapefruit fruit slices,  peachy Penguins, killer sharks, glitter snowflakes, gumdrops, super cola bottles, dinosaurs, cherries, cupcakes, foam bottom strawberries, rain forest frogs, hugs and kisses, zoo buddies, white grapefruit, hot chili peppers, watermelon rings, gummy apple rings, chocolate-covered bears, giant bananas, jelly babies, gummy blox, giant snakes

Unwrapped candy: fruit sours, crybaby tears,  butter mints, chocolate covered pretzels, smooth and multis, toffee chocolate pretzels, donut hole bites, Sprees, Boston baked beans, Chiclets, burnt peanuts, silly bananas, candy pebbles, chocolate seashells, hot tamales, mini jawbreakers, mini M&Ms, peanut M&Ms, giant jawbreakers, candy-coated Tootsie Roll‘s, chocolate-covered banana chips, Mike and Ike‘s, Bleeps, chocolate pretzel poppers, birthday cake cookie dough bites, skittles, Runts, Good & Plenty, Reese’s pieces, baby pacifiers, gumballs, candy blox, Jelly filled mints, jawbreakers, yogurt covered pretzels, rainbow bricks, cherry sours, chocolate-covered peanuts, snow caps, Jordan almonds, candy-coated sunflower seeds, candy ice cream cones, toffee crunch, Holland mints

Licorice: snaps, pastels, Broadway rocks, Scottie dogs, shooters, finish black, finish red, Australian black, Australian red, pinwheel, black pinwheel, all sorts

Malted milk balls: milk chocolate, peanut butter, mint, milk chocolate coconut, dark chocolate sea salt, Café latte, French vanilla, disco, lemon cream, birthday cake,

Cordials: Prosecco, crème brûlée, cherry, amaretto, coffee, rum, Irish cream, raspberry, tiramisu

Nuts: Milk chocolate-covered peanuts, cocoa almonds, milk chocolate covered almonds, chocolate raisins,

Sixlets: White, light blue, pink, dark green, gold, navy

Taffy Flavors: Red licorice, peppermint, pear, mango, maple, berries and cream, peaches and cream, banana cream pie, grape, red velvet, blueberry muffin, strawberry, tropical punch, root beer float, raspberry lemonade, blue raspberry, vanilla, watermelon, strawberry shortcake, cookies and cream, buttered popcorn, Neapolitan, cherry cola,

Wrapped candy: Atomic fireball, root beer barrels, Nerds, Airheads, Smarties, jaw busters, Pixy sticks, Zotz, black taffy, bull’s-eyes, slowpokes, gold coins, fruit chews, gummy rings, York peppermint patty’s, Lemonheads, Warheads, Toxic Waste, Ice Cubes, Laffy taffy, Starburst, fruit-filled candy,