Caramel With Attitude


It’s like Cards Against Humanity, but with kickass caramels.

A sassy customized message is written on every box.
How sassy do you like it?

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Meet Our Caramel Family

Sea Salt: Our sea salt caramel is the matriarch of the family. She is the foundation from which all others are flavored. She is the perfect balance of sweet, buttery and salty and always has a place in your life.

Cinnamon: The subtly spicy, yet full of comfort aunt. Your confidant. Your cozy warm blanket. Cinnamon is willing to listen to all your deep dark secrets with complete understanding and without judgment. You go to Cinnamon when you need to feel better about yourself.

Habanero: Your fiery uncle. He thinks he is the life of the party, but can be overwhelming to some. He is who you find dancing on the tables at 2am after everyone has gone home. You want to like him, but may not be prepared for the prolonged after-burn.

FUN NOTE: Habanero caramels looks almost exactly like the sea salt caramels. It is always a good time when an unsuspecting, partially intoxicated friend asks for candy and you hand them a habanero without telling them what it is.

Espresso: The espresso caramel is the super energetic sibling you always call when you need furniture moved, errands run or an event planned. Tirelessly contributes to all activities and does so with a smile. The espresso is sweet, tasty and gives you that little extra boost to get through the day.

Bourbon: We like to think of our bourbon caramel as our godfather: not always around but when he is, he is a blast. When we say bourbon, we mean BOURBON. Not a hint of bourbon, not the essence of bourbon: actual bourbon. You will taste in in our candy. And you will like it.